Innovation Partners

We invite business, universities and NGOs to join us as Innovation Partners in COIL.* By joining us as an Innovation Partner, you may enjoy the following benefits:

Innovation Partner Benefits:

  • Gain access to innovative solutions that may have beneficial applications in your organisation;
  • Nominate your executives, staff members or students to participate in the COIL programme;
  • Present and test out new ideas or technology among a community of innovators and entrepreneurs;
  • Network with leading experts in today's most hotly debated sustainability issues;
  • Branding opportunities in high-profile events and publicity.

There is no fee or cost to your organisation in joining the COIL programme. We shall acknowledge your organisatioin as our Innovation Partner in all publicities throughout the programme. The only contribution we ask in return is for you to select a few executives, faulty members or students who are enthusiastic in sustainability issues with innovative minds, and recommend them to enrol as COIL members. They themselves will benefit from a multi-stakeholder network and a guided process in developing innovative solutions which will have practical applications.

*COIL reserves the right to accept or decline any applications for its Innovation Partners.

How to apply

If your organization is interested to become our Innovation Partner, please contact us by or tel: 3568 2244.

List of Innovation Partners (in alphabetical order of organisation names)
Higher Education Institution
NGO / Social Enterprise
Association (Business/Professional)