A unique incubation programme in Hong Kong with a sustainability focus

This incubation programme, spanning eight months, provides intensive coaching to guide incubates through a process from ‘Conception’ to ‘Realization’ of their green projects. You can jam your ideas with other participants during the CarbonCare InnoFest, build your dream team at the Design Thinking Bootcamp, receive coaching from professionals on Lean Startup techniques, test your product with a trial grant and pitch for a kick-start fund at the end of the programme.

Supported by CarbonCare Asia and Education For Good (EFG), this programme is designed to equip the passionate climate innovators with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop high-impact solutions to tackle climate change.

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Application Method
1. Sign up as JC COIL's member.
2.  Join the CarbonCare InnoFest events: to understand our incubation programme, to exchange ideas with people having the same passion for the environment and let us know more about you.
3. 3. Attend one session of the Design Thinking Bootcamp* (highly recommended) to form an InnoTeam; OR fill in the Cycle 3 incubation programme application form (download here, Chinese version only. English version will be available soon.).

Those InnoTeams selected will receive professional coaching from Education For Good on Lean Start-Up.

For more details of the incubation programme, please call us on 3568 2244 or email us viainfo@ccinnolab.org

CarbonCare InnoFest
April 2018
June 2018
CarbonCare InnoFest – Inspirations and Ideas Jamming
A wide range of activities / events will take place during the CarbonCare InnoFest, including outings, workshops, seminars and many others. Get inspired by green innovators who will demonstrate possible ways of tackling climate change, or jam ideas with fellow participants who might become your important partners on the way to low carbon innovation.
26 - 27 May 2018 /
23 - 24 June 2018
Design Thinking Bootcamp - Team Formation & Idea Building
Partnered with EFG, a 2-day Bootcamp will be held on two weekends during May and June. This is an exciting and intensive training process for team formation and idea consolidation, coupled with expert advice from the “human library” session. Among the green enthusiasts who have participated in the Climate InnoFest and the Design Thinking Workshop, you can form your dream team to work on your green start-up idea, while your teammates from all walks of life will be facilitated to take up different roles.

Design Thinking Boot Camp*

*The two Boot Camps have the same content. Participants of either one of the Design Thinking Boot Camp will have priority in the selection process for entering the next stage of the incubation programme.
Early Training
July 2018
Early Training – Idea Development with Professional Guidance
From Design Thinking Bootcamp and open application, those teams which best fit our criteria will be shortlisted to form InnoTeams. (*Participants of the Design Thinking Boot Camp will have priority in the selection process). These selected InnoTeams will receive professional coaching from Education For Good on Lean Startup methodology, which helps them to enhance their project ideas.

Application form for open teams: please download here (Chinese version only. Enlighs version available soon.)
Application deadline for open teams: 2nd July 2018

Lean Startup Training Workshop: 14th & 15th July, 2018 (time: 10:00am - 5:30pm) 
Qualifying Pitch
August 2018
Qualifying Pitch - Grants for Project Trials

After the coaching stage, these InnoTeams will have to prepare a proposal to be reviewed by JC COIL. Appraisals and interviews will be conducted. Four selected teams from the qualifying pitch will receive a grant of HK$8,000 each in order to proceed to the next stage -- to test the feasibility of their project ideas making use of the grant.

* The stage of qualifying pitch only applies to selected InnoTeams. General public who wish to apply Final Pitch could directly join as Open Group, and the application starts in October.

Project Idea Testing
September 2018
November 2018
Project Idea Testing – Develop your minimum viable product
Under the continual guidance of Education For Good, the four selected InnoTeams will develop their “minimum viable product” ”(MVP) methodology to test the users’ response to their project. After refining their project based on empirical data, these teams are ready to enter the final pitch.
Final Pitch
December 2018
Final Pitch – Up to HK$50,000 cash award to kick-start your project
The four InnoTeams will compete for the kick-start fund to launch their project by presenting their ideas to a judging panel made up of corporate representatives and environmental experts, as well as members of the public.

Apart from the InnoTeams incubated by JC COIL, we also recruit teams from an Open Group category. General public with zero-carbon innovative solutions are welcomed to team up and apply for the awards; up to four teams which are deemed best fit the objectives of JC COIL will be shortlisted to participate in the Final Pitch.  

Open Group category application period: 3rd October to 31st October 2018
Final Pitch: 15th December 2018 (Sat)

Please visit our website for announcement. Welcome to register as our member and receive our latest event updates.

  • Participants should be 18 years old or above
  • Have the passion to develop and engage in climate innovation projects
  • Willing to team up with people from a diverse background in order to maximize the power of collaboration
  • Willing to learn with an open mind different skills and knowledge from partner organizations and teammates
  • Willing to commit for the entire period of the programme (6 months) and will not pull out before it ends Preferable
  • Have attended the Design Thinking Boot Camp
  • Proven leadership experience
  • Able to produce an initial plan for green project(s)
  • Relevant skills and/or background

For enquiries, please contact us by emailing to info@ccinnolab.org, or call us at 3568 2244.