1. Equip yourself with the necessary skills to become an entrepreneur --- learn how to solve problems through practical experience
  2. Build up a network of green activists and strive together to make Hong Kong a low carbon city.
  3. Learn new methodology for developing business and products --- “Lean start-up” is a module which can shorten product development cycle and enhance success rate.
  4. Gain access to different kinds of resources to help you put your idea to gradual practice --- experts from Carbon Care Asia will offer advice and guidance on your low carbon project and a grant of HK$8,000 will be awarded to each winning InnoTeam to test the feasibility of its idea.
  5. Get a pitching opportunity to kick-start your project --- at the end of this programme, InnoTeams will present their project ideas to pitch for a kick-start fund valued up to HK$50,000.
  6. Understand the global and local climate challenges resulted from sea level rise, eco-system changes and extreme weather. You can be part of the global alliance to help tackle climate risks.
  7. Meet local green entrepreneurs --- you will get mutual support from others on your way to kick-start green ideas.
  8. Give yourself a chance to develop your second career.