Fog Collectors: turning fog into drinking water
Climate Adaptation

The German water foundation and Aqualonis are working collaboratively on a large-scale fog-harvesting project in Morocco. A collector called CloudFisher is used to convert fog into water to improve long-term drought. The collector is equipped with fine triangular meshes. When fog passes through the meshes, it will condense into droplets, and then, the collected water will flow into the reservoir through a trough and eventually become drinking water. The device is more robust than other similar systems and can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 kph. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and repair, making it ideal for places where resources are scarce.


One square meter of a net can collect 10-22 liters of water on a fog day depending on region and season. There is a pilot project in Morocco having 31 collectors installed which is capable to produce 37,000 liters of water for residents on a fog day. Thanks to the device, women in Morocco no longer have to go to remote places to get water, they can spend more time learning instead. With more water for irrigation, a stable supply of crops is guaranteed, which helps improve both the health and income of the residents.