Big and Complicated: Ten Things Students, Teachers, Universities & Schools Can Do To Help Achieve Their Paris Climate Goals (Chinese version coming soon)

The issue of climate change is big and complicated. In our schools and universities, complex decision-making systems, budget limits and other constraints seems to slow down environmental and energy-saving ideas. But it is wrong to think that we don’t have a role to help ensure the Paris Climate Agreement really marks an essential turning point in reversing the harm we are causing to the weather. Changing our way of living is cultural more than scientific, and cultural change comes mostly from younger people. So what can they do?

Mr John Sayer, Advisor of CCIL, upon his return from the UN Climate Change Summit held in Paris, has composed this concise action guide to share his observations and suggestions with students, teachers, universities and schools around the world. 

Here are ten things ten things students, teachers, universities & schools can do to help achieve their Paris climate goals

1.  Keep smart. Use the resources around you to stay well informed
2.  Organize and build networks. Link up with groups that suit you best
3.  Push for a consistent, clear and fair policy framework. Tell your government what you expect from them
4.  Encourage Transparency. Ask for the info and offer to be an independent monitor
5.  Become the conscience. Name and shame greenwash and climate evasion
6.  Ensure good technical ideas can scale up from isolated showcases to become game changers.

7.  Walk the Talk in your own institution’s curriculum, courses and research choices.
8.  Choose your friends and associates well. Cooperate with tomorrow’s companies, not yesterday’s.
9.  Work with your institution to become a green campus.
10.Help your school take a principled stand on fossil fuels and renewables: When it comes to fossils, leave them in the ground! Put your money on renewables

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